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Commercial pressure washing

Commercial and industrial pressure washing

Pressure washing is just what we do. Day in and day out, it’s our main service and encompasses most of our external cleaning. Does it get any bigger than the the largest building projects & our current client list. That’s the difference between M-CLEAN UK and the rest, we are current, we don’t do the odd job here and there. Everyday is a pressure washing day.

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We have van mounted pressure washing set ups, with heat, with all the attachments, all top quality gear, to get every project completed as quickly as possible, so that we can get out of your way and get onto our next job.

There are other service providers but there aren’t many who have the experience we have, who else can clean retail parks, car parks (the largest car park we have cleaned to date was 22 000 sqm, that’s a massive area, not using a sweeper, pressure washing done properly. Where? – Trinity Walk Sainsbury’s & shopping centre in Wakefield!

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For pressure washing, car park cleaning, builders cleans, supermarket cleaning, hospital cleaning, retail park cleaning, Fuel station cleaning, major project cleaning there really is no point in calling anyone else because they cannot do what we do, as unobtrusively and as well as we do it!

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