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Tesco Kensington Nov 2012

End of the year coming up and probably the hardest job of the year. Trading store on a very busy corner junction (West Cromwell Road), with heavy footfall to all areas.

Serious amount of red & white barriers required, eyes in the back of my head and a lot of stop starting for passing people.

High level glass canopy clean, store front slab flooring pressure washed, with chewing gum removal, pressure washing to undercroft car park roof, two levels, all store glass and attendance to relaunch

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rob mcleanTesco Kensington Nov 2012

New store @ Kings Lynn for Sainsbury’s Nov 2012

Full external builders clean at the new build store on Hardwick Road. Pressure washing to store cladding, Tarmac walkways, service yard, goods online, fuel station Tarmac and a full pressure wash to the 18000 SQM car park and entrance road. This alone took 6 men 6 days.

All pictures taken on a very wet launch morning (21st November 2012)

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rob mcleanNew store @ Kings Lynn for Sainsbury’s Nov 2012

Sainsbury’s Sheffield – Archer Road – October to November 2012

We had priced a general clean to an existing store, on the refresh programme. There is always plenty to do on these as the budget doesn’t allow for major works so we have to clean much more.

What we ended up doing was all retaining walls to the car park, kerb edging, recycling area, glass frontage, Fuel station canopy, fascia and all flooring to forecourt. Also a great deal of pressure washing to undercroft car park – graffiti removal, all concrete walkways and a final rinse of all parking spaces.

There was an additional request to hand clean 3.5 sides of the store cladding. This took 37 man days but brought it up like new and both the principal contractor & store were more than happy with the end result.

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rob mcleanSainsbury’s Sheffield – Archer Road – October to November 2012