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Cracking local job

We’ve been travelling around the country for years now and there’s no problem with that but it is always nice to get a local job.

Autoneum GB are part of a substantial international company and we were called up because their stakeholders and investors were coming to town.

Our remit – to tidy the building. This included cladding, brickwork, entrance Tarmac , paving and part of the car park.

The building is right next to the Stoke City ground and the lads worked on match day. I’m not sure if they spent the afternoon being paid to watch the game from the cherry picker!!

Another happy customer

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rob mcleanCracking local job

MacDrains UK

The next project.

MacDrains UK, website URL’s registered –

www.macdrains.co.uk (not live)

www.macdrains.com (not live)

Just got to get the content together.

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rob mcleanMacDrains UK

MacBlast Uk is now live and we are looking forward to running it alongside our existing services.


We know there are a couple of type issues, they will be resolved today

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rob mclean

A few more of the same job. Skylight not finished on the external picture & the internal view was half done but it did show a massive difference on light coming into the warehouse.

On the below post – there is a lot more of me than the gap I had to get through. It isn’t that I have eaten too much – THE GAP WAS TOO NARROW, honest!


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rob mclean

Nice skylight cleaning job

Had a call from SpanSet (the safety training provider & maker of harnesses and all fall restraints) at their head office. The skylights were dirty and not letting enough light through, could we clean them?

Another firm said they couldn’t be cleaned and needed replacing, at a cost of £25000.00 and that cleaning them would cause all sorts of problems and pull the face off the fibreglass panels.

Not a straightforward job as we couldn’t actually walk on the roof but we cleaned them and the client is very happy!

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rob mcleanNice skylight cleaning job

Busy weekend!

Had a busy weekend with the Tesco store @ Romford being handed over on Monday morning. Lads there till tonight.

Down at Weymouth – new build Sainsbury’s, lot of cleaning up on the car park & other areas.

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rob mcleanBusy weekend!

The wet shot blast set up

Had a full service done on the compressor and unit, took a little longer than expected but all parts can be sourced now – thanks to Seddons in Stoke on Trent.

Some pictures of works in Ilford, cleaning a metal fire escape.

Note how the media isn’t going everywhere because of the water damping down, making it safe to use in all environments.


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rob mcleanThe wet shot blast set up

Work on some student accommodation last month

Not all works go to plan and this was certainly one of them.

We had two sizeable buildings to clean all cladding & window units, with a very tight deadline.

Everything was sloped and though this had been pointed out on the first day all parties wanted to proceed.

The MEWP kept tilting out, driving really slowly and we weren’t gaining anything at all. One of the largest window cleaning companies in the country was contacted and the works had to be cleaned from inside, using a counterbalance weighted trolley system.

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rob mcleanWork on some student accommodation last month

Jockey Club

An attempt at reverse graffiti for the Jockey Club @ Newmarket racecourse. Unfortunately the wood was far too light and once dry the logo was difficult to see.

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rob mcleanJockey Club