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With the works that we do, construction related, on trading stores we need to cross the T’s and dot the I’s and we cannot get away with not having the correct cards.

Lost some serious weight between these two cards photos. Over 2 stone to date.




All the cards are in place and up to date. Same for all the other operators

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rob mcleanCSCS & IPAF/PAL cards

Pressure washing driveways

For pressure washing/jet washing to residential driveways –

For pressure washing/jet washing to residential patios –

For pressure washing/jet washing to decking –

There is only one call

0800 169 9255 or 07919 425664

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rob mcleanPressure washing driveways

Wet sand blasting staffordshire

For wet sand blasting (Farrow System) in the two counties call 0800 1699255 or direct 07919 425664

Shot blasting Staffordshire

Shot blasting Cheshire

Sand blasting Staffordshire

Sand blasting Cheshire

No compromise cleaning, will clean any surface, without damage & with no heavy dust deposits

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rob mcleanWet sand blasting staffordshire

Shot-blasting for Staffordshire & Cheshire

Residential shot-blasting service, covering the entire country but specifically the two counties. We are happy to come and have a look at your project. We’re just a phone call away.

With another phenomenal set up – the Farrow System ( a wet shot/sand- blasting setup), the envy of other ‘sandblasting operators’

This monster will clean anything, brickwork, wood, boat hulls, car shells, the list is endless. See – our other business. Give us a call!

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rob mcleanShot-blasting for Staffordshire & Cheshire

Residential, residential, residential

After working on domestic properties in Kent, Surrey and Cheshire we are back to the roots of the business and leaflets are being distributed around Cheshire.

We started with residential works, went completely onto commercial projects, with a few high end residential ‘jobs’ in that time and now are offering all of that experience to the whole market.

The main website is in the process of a major overhaul and this will show the mixed residential/commercial service anew.





We don’t hire kit in, we don’t pressure wash as an add on, we don’t offer a service and then come up short.

We turn up with a van full of the very best pressure washing kit. Have a look at Hot & Mighty pressure washers – brought in from America.





Have a look at Mosmatic flat surface cleaners – the very best that money can buy.

A picture of two turbo nozzles. The one on the right is a standard fitting. The one on the left is one of our nozzles. Twice the size, allowing us to do more, in the same amount of time, clean it better, cutting into those difficult stains & algae growths.

It’s no good having ‘all the gear and no idea’ but we have it all going on. Experience experience and a lot more experience.

Can’t help banging on about it – Olympic Park, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose & Morrisons supermarkets.


We are starting a roof clean on an Asda store, Kingston upon Thames, in April – a complete supermarket roof!!!, whilst it is trading.

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rob mcleanResidential, residential, residential