April 2014

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Industrial cleaning

For all industrial, external cleaning  –

From roof cleaning





To Cladding cleaning






To chewing gum removal






To PFS fuel station cleaning






To high level cleaning






To skylight cleaning






You don’t need to call anyone else

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rob mcleanIndustrial cleaning

Chewing gum removal










M-CLEAN UK LTD’s chewing gum removal service operates nationally.

With both hot pressure washer removal & Miragreen – dry steam machines, one twin operator and one single operator we have got the service covered.

The dry steam machines are used daily for chewing gum removal in busy pedestrian areas, where there is no spray & detritus created.

The hot pressure washers are more suited to non pedestrian areas. If you have a chewing gum removal request please call our main numbers and we will clear the problem





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rob mcleanChewing gum removal

Car park cleaning

For car park cleaning, of any size –

From one or two car parking spaces to double deck car parks, the biggest two car parks we have cleaned are 22000 SQM & 18000 SQM, one at Leicester and one at Trinity walk.

We have cleaned several dozen car parks and they are a staple of our works.

On car park cleans we also cover curb edge cleaning, island cleaning, bollards cleaning & any other parts of the area.

We cover open car parks, mezzanine level car parks, two storey car parks & multi storey car park cleaning

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rob mcleanCar park cleaning

Asda roof clean 3

With some of the tightest working areas we have worked under and right on London Road, Kingston upon Thames, on a busy pelican crossing and all topped off with a trading store.

People coming at our safe working area from all directions and still we got the roof cleaned with no one getting lumps of moss on their head!

The long reach cherry picker is a 80 55, not long enough – bigger one coming next week – knee trembler!!!

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rob mcleanAsda roof clean 3

National pressure washing

For larger properties

Domestic pressure washing/domestic jet washing

Residential pressure washing/jet washing

Driveway cleaning/ driveway jet washing/ driveway pressure washing

Patio cleaning/ patio pressure washing/ patio jet washing

We have a way of pricing enquiries by either Google Maps or send us a couple of pictures and some measurements and we will forward a quote.

You agree – we turn up, anywhere in the country and offer the same great service that we have been giving for the last thirteen years.

A truly nationwide, residential pressure washing service, to compliment our nationwide, commercial pressure washing service.

Give it a go – I think we may be cheaper than you think. Our machines won’t leave black spots or lines and we won’t leave mess everywhere.



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rob mcleanNational pressure washing