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Highways England

South Mimms cladding South Mimms cladding clean 2

Had a call from a client to look at a project for Highways England.

Remit of works

Cladding clean

Pressure washing to all walkways

Part render clean

Window clean

We had to use a cleaning agent on this one. The cladding would not clean without it. Managed to source a biodegradable, environmentally friendly chemical that was safe to use, we could trace back to the manufacturer and did what it said on the tin.

Good enough for the stringent procedures on Southampton docks then it would be right for this project.

All in all a cracking finish!!


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rob mcleanHighways England

Maintenance cleaning

Maintenance cleans

For those smaller areas that don’t need a full on clean, but get to looking unsightly we can call on a more regular basis

If your –

shop front, premises, service yards need that quick clean over

Chewing gum removal needs to be kept on top of

Ongoing graffiti is driving you mad

You need –

Early morning

Late night

Out of hours attendance

Call now.

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rob mcleanMaintenance cleaning



Getting a lot of enquiries for the Farrow system and it looks like another busy year.

What is it?

A shot blasting set up that works with environmentally friendly abrasives, compressed air and water, for blasting metalwork, stone/brick facades, white line removal, render cleaning, boat hull prep and a whole host of other surfaces.

With the water in the mix, suppressing the dust created you can see the area is much cleaner and no massive dust cloud to upset the neighbours.

It’s the best surface preparation set up out there. www.macblast.co.uk

For regional & national enquiries call now

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rob mcleanShot-blasting

Industrial estate clean

FIE clean 2015  FIE clean 2 FIE clean 4 FIE clean 3

Called to a local industrial estate.

The remit of works –

Pressure washing to concrete/block paved parking areas, cladding clean, gutters cleaned, all units brickwork cleaned, curb edging cleaned, finishing off with a clean up to all affected areas.

Approximately 30 units, all works carried out after hours and over the weekend

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rob mcleanIndustrial estate clean