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  • Pressure washing as it should be done




    We don’t just do commercial – Residential pressure washing in Stoke on Trent is often carried out, covering the five towns and countywide.

    The difference between other local service providers and our service – experience, quality, capability &we’re just better, better, better.

    Reliable & experienced, we know what we are talking about and we just want to get your property clean. Pressure washing in Stoke on Trent with a a little bit of a smile.

    Call now 07919 425664 for –

    Pressure washing in Stoke on Trent, pressure washing in Staffordshire. Wall cleaning in Stoke on Trent, wall cleaning in Staffordshire. Brick cleaning in Stoke on Trent, brick cleaning in Staffordshire. Patio cleaning in Stoke on Trent, patio cleaning in Staffordshire. Driveway cleaning in Stoke on Trent, driveway cleaning in Staffordshire. Block paving cleaning in Stoke on Trent, block paving cleaning in Staffordshire.


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    RobertPressure washing as it should be done
  • Industrial unit clean


    Industrial unit clean for a local business man.

    Had a call to look at some ‘local’ work – you mean we can go home at night? – a strange concept we’re not used to!!

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    rob mcleanIndustrial unit clean
  • Pressure washing @ Dorking Business Park

    The works were pressure washing @ Dorking Business Park, on another hot weekend in July.

    We’ve carried out a couple of roof cleaning projects on the business park and then were approached to clean the ‘general’ areas between the properties.

    Pressure washing to block paving walkways, to curb edges, to perimeter walls

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    rob mcleanPressure washing @ Dorking Business Park
  • Industrial estates cleaning

    Finished off 4 more industrial estates last month, for a major client.

    Pressure washing to curb edges, cladding cleaning, roof cleaning, pressure washing to block, concrete & slab walkways & parking areas.

    Works carried out @

    Kingsland – Herefordshire

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    rob mcleanIndustrial estates cleaning
  • Compass Group head offices

    We worked on the refurb of the Compass Group head offices, as they returned to Chertsey last year.

    We cleaned –

    All perimeter brickwork

    All perimeter pavements

    Upper level car park & all walkways

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    rob mcleanCompass Group head offices
  • Commercial pressure washing

    Commercial pressure washing for all of those ‘little areas’ that you may hope will go away.

    We’re not bothered what it is, where it is (- we offer a nationwide service) or who you are. All we want to do is get your building looking like it used to, when new.

    Commercial pressure washing to supermarkets

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    rob mcleanCommercial pressure washing
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