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  • High level cleaning

    Completed high level cleaning works @ Bretton Park – Peterborough.

    It is just easier to let the photos do the talking on this one.

    An absolute joy to take something from tired and polishing it back to former glory.

    A continuation of last weeks work –

    High level cleaning to bullnose.

    Canopy cleaning & cleaning to feature fins.

    Combining the high level cleaning of the photos above with low level pressure washing & chewing gum removal to a large frontage on the retail park makes it stand out from the other premises on the park.

    Really proud of this one, the photos don’t lie.

    The client was very happy.

    For high level cleaning, for canopy cleaning, nationwide pressure washing, commercial pressure washing, industrial pressure washing & chewing gum removal –

    Just one call – Robert McLean direct 07919 425664

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    RobertHigh level cleaning
  • Retail park cleaning

    Storefront cleaning, pressure washing & chewing gum removal across the retail park.

    The photos are around the Aldi store but there was a Smyths, Poundland, one empty premises and one other (I can’t remember now).

    There were some central walkways that were cleaned as well – another late evening works when it absolutely hammered down.

    With some new waterproofs, for sea fishing there’s no chance of getting wet again.

    Retail park cleaning is not straightforward, out of hours, hoses trailing everywhere & they are usually a magnet for chewing gum.

    Companies will claim they have the knowledge & understanding to take care of retail park cleaning but you need to get in & get out, with minimal disruption.

    Phone a company that is capable of leaving an end product that everyones happy with.

    A company with massive experience of retail park cleaning – we won’t bite, call today.

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    RobertRetail park cleaning
  • Skylight cleaning @ roof level

    Skylight cleaning @ roof level on a Tesco store, 75 panels, 4 metres high & 1.5 metres wide.

    These were all exactly the same as the 1st picture, they looked a right mess from the store & they went all the way across the sales floor.

    It was 25 degrees with the sun behind, bouncing off the glass – boiling, one of the hottest jobs ever done

    Have you got a requirement for skylight cleaning – photos don’t lie, call today.

    Once again, as with all of our services this is not the 1st time carrying out skylight cleaning, experience, experience, experience – you know what to do!

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    RobertSkylight cleaning @ roof level
  • Fuel station clean.

    Back to Cardiff but Sainsbury’s this time for a fuel station clean.

    There was a storefront clean on the 1st day, canopy cleaning & some steelwork cleaning.

    No photos of the canopy clean but it’s a canopy & it was cleaned.

    For canopy cleaning call today.

    To date the service has cleaned hundreds of fuel stations, from kiosk cleaning, canopy cleaning, steelwork cleaning, forecourt cleaning.

    We’ve cleaned canopies & forecourts live, at all times of the day.

    How can you clean a trading fuel station canopy, forecourt or kiosk – ring to find out.

    No one else can come close to the level of fuel station cleaning experience that we have.

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    RobertFuel station clean.
  • Cladding cleaning.

    This was Morrison’s Witham, Essex and the contractor had a client meeting 2 days after it was cleaned.

    It poured down with rain for 2 days!! – It wasn’ just wet, to the pants wet, soaked.

    Carry a spare pair.

    For cladding cleaning & high level cleaning and emergency cleaning call

    M-CLEAN Services UK – we are the leading industrial cleaning & commercial cleaning company.

    Nationwide coverage.

    From Cardiff then over to Witham (Essex) & then to finish just a little trip back to Milton Keynes – not a normal week but it was covered.

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    RobertCladding cleaning.
  • Pressure washing in Wales

    Pressure washing in Wales, on the Tesco refurb programme.

    High level sign cleaning to the store entrance/exit side road.

    Multiple service – pressure washing, window cleaning, brick wall cleaning, trolley shelter cleaning, wood restoration, canopy cleaning, fuel station canopy clean.

    A great project, thoroughly enjoyed this one, nice drive down the M5, onto the M50, through Monmouth, very scenic into Wales but it could just be a bit closer!

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    RobertPressure washing in Wales
  • Sainsbury’s storefront pressure washing

    Current project @ Sainsbury’s Bretton Centre, Peterborough.

    Sainsbury’s storefront pressure washing, low level with chewing gum removal.

    Complete project –

    High level cleaning to the storefront bullnose.

    High level pressure washing to storefront feature fins.

    High level stone wall cleaning.

    High level canopy clean.

    Pressure washing to low level stone walls.

    Pressure washing to pump house walls.

    Pressure washing to storefront paving & chewing gum removal.

    One more shift to complete the storefront pressure washing.

    Industrial pressure washing.

    Chewing gum removal is a service in itself, choose a company that has more experience than you can throw a stick at.

    Call today.

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    RobertSainsbury’s storefront pressure washing
  • Foggy February pressure washing in Bromsgrove.

    Concrete cleaning & forecourt cleaning in a very foggy Bromsgrove.

    Pressure washing to commercial/industrial units for an established client.

    Block paved frontages cleaned up really well – as expected & a firm favourite curb edging.

    Curb edging cleaning makes a massive difference to any area, when having car parking cleaning carried out always, always, always make sure curb edging is included.

    It was like this throughout the weekend – miserable!
    One section of the commercial units.
    A decent size piece of concrete cleaning, to get stuck into – it came up really well
    Tarmac cleaning – this was really quite green, with a reasonable build up of moss & other detritus.
    Just about all of the block paving looked like this.
    Just a little teaser of the block paving cleaning.
    Block paving cleaning done properly

    For commercial pressure washing, for concrete cleaning, for service yard cleaning, for Tarmac cleaning, for block paving cleaning, for concrete slab cleaning, for industrial pressure washing –

    we’re current – these aren’t historic jobs, not something we did way back when, they’re just the jobs we do, we get on with it, get the job done, leave you a satisfied client.

    If you want commercial pressure washing, want industrial pressure washing don’t call anyone else.

    There’s plenty of other companies out there, all claiming to be the best – we’ve never had a complaint, a reason for a client to be unhappy or ever left a job finished badly.

    Every time it has to be the very best job possible, it was like that when I started the business back in 2001 & it’s the same attitude 19 years later.

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    RobertFoggy February pressure washing in Bromsgrove.
  • Been a while

    Not kept up with the blog but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy with commercial pressure washing & industrial pressure washing.

    Lots going on this year.

    Started the year on the Sainsbury’s refurb programme @ Winchmore Hill in January.

    To include –

    Pressure washing to slab flooring

    Pressure washing to trolley shelters

    Pressure washing to canopy

    Paint spill removal

    To finish with low level/storefront window cleaning.

    For commercial window cleaning just call

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    RobertBeen a while
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