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  • Compass Group head offices

    We worked on the refurb of the Compass Group head offices, as they returned to Chertsey last year.

    We cleaned –

    All perimeter brickwork

    All perimeter pavements

    Upper level car park & all walkways

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    rob mcleanCompass Group head offices
  • Commercial pressure washing

    Commercial pressure washing for all of those ‘little areas’ that you may hope will go away.

    We’re not bothered what it is, where it is (- we offer a nationwide service) or who you are. All we want to do is get your building looking like it used to, when new.

    Commercial pressure washing to supermarkets

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    rob mcleanCommercial pressure washing
  • Roof clean Dorking Business Park

    Dorking roof clean was a bit of a messy affair but thankfully in an enclosed area with only contractors to consider. Roof cleaning is challenging but with our experience of commercial roofs there isn’t much we can’t take care of.

    We’re covered to use Spider-lifts with our 1b IPAF/PAL cards.

    The works were –

    Roof cleaning

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    rob mcleanRoof clean Dorking Business Park
  • Stone cleaning Quality = Commercial pressure washing

    Stone cleaning & pressure washing = Commercial pressure washing at it’s finest!!

    Called to look at three porticos on a commercial estate, owned by a local company. The initial request was to clean the three porticos.

    This went on to become pressure washing the three frontages, clean the porticos, gutter clearing & cleaning.

    I knew we could clean the porticos and frontages but the work was carried out at night and I have only just managed to get back today, to take the clean pictures.

    Commerce House portico sideview unclean Commerce House portico unclean

    Ridings House sideview portico Commerce House portico frontview

    That’s how cleaning should be done!!!

    Pendragon House portico unclean Pendragon House portico Ridings House portico unclean Ridings portico frontview clean Ridings House sideview portico

    The Ridings was by far the worst of the three porticos and still has staining to the stonework but still a marked improvement on the not cleaned pictures.


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    rob mcleanStone cleaning Quality = Commercial pressure washing
  • Another industrial pressure washing job

    Wow  we’re loving the industrial estate pressure washing jobs at the moment. Only downside they are always busy areas and need to be taken care of over the weekends.

    At least we don’t have to go shopping!!!

    Unit clean 3

    Industrial estate pressure washing

    Unit clean dirty 2

    Industrial estate pressure washing dirty

    Unit clean 1

    Industrial estate pressure washing clean

    Unit clean dirty Unit floor clean

    This was a right mess. Not a particularly big project but an older estate. It had been taken over by the Landlord and it had a build up of dirt.

    We did –

    Cladding clean.

    Brick clean.

    Bin stores.

    Walkways pressure washed and a general tidy up.

    We cover Industrial pressure washing nationwide!

    We cover commercial pressure washing nationwide!

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    rob mcleanAnother industrial pressure washing job
  • Sainsbury’s Hinckley

    Plenty of pressure washing on this one.

    One of only 2 or 3 new build Sainsbury’s this year completed at Hinckley, with service yard cleaning, car park cleaning, approach road, various other areas and a general construction clean.th-2 th-3

    There’s a bit more to this project that will be in a later post


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    rob mcleanSainsbury’s Hinckley
  • Highways England

    South Mimms cladding South Mimms cladding clean 2

    Had a call from a client to look at a project for Highways England.

    Remit of works

    Cladding clean

    Pressure washing to all walkways

    Part render clean

    Window clean

    We had to use a cleaning agent on this one. The cladding would not clean without it. Managed to source a biodegradable, environmentally friendly chemical that was safe to use, we could trace back to the manufacturer and did what it said on the tin.

    Good enough for the stringent procedures on Southampton docks then it would be right for this project.

    All in all a cracking finish!!


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    rob mcleanHighways England
  • Maintenance cleaning

    Maintenance cleans

    For those smaller areas that don’t need a full on clean, but get to looking unsightly we can call on a more regular basis

    If your –

    shop front, premises, service yards need that quick clean over

    Chewing gum removal needs to be kept on top of

    Ongoing graffiti is driving you mad

    You need –

    Early morning

    Late night

    Out of hours attendance

    Call now.

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    rob mcleanMaintenance cleaning
  • Shot-blasting


    Getting a lot of enquiries for the Farrow system and it looks like another busy year.

    What is it?

    A shot blasting set up that works with environmentally friendly abrasives, compressed air and water, for blasting metalwork, stone/brick facades, white line removal, render cleaning, boat hull prep and a whole host of other surfaces.

    With the water in the mix, suppressing the dust created you can see the area is much cleaner and no massive dust cloud to upset the neighbours.

    It’s the best surface preparation set up out there. www.macblast.co.uk

    For regional & national enquiries call now

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    rob mcleanShot-blasting
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