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Retail park cleaning

Storefront cleaning, pressure washing & chewing gum removal across the retail park.

The photos are around the Aldi store but there was a Smyths, Poundland, one empty premises and one other (I can’t remember now).

There were some central walkways that were cleaned as well – another late evening works when it absolutely hammered down.

With some new waterproofs, for sea fishing there’s no chance of getting wet again.

Retail park cleaning is not straightforward, out of hours, hoses trailing everywhere & they are usually a magnet for chewing gum.

Companies will claim they have the knowledge & understanding to take care of retail park cleaning but you need to get in & get out, with minimal disruption.

Phone a company that is capable of leaving an end product that everyones happy with.

A company with massive experience of retail park cleaning – we won’t bite, call today.

RobertRetail park cleaning
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