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Roof clean Dorking Business Park

Dorking roof clean was a bit of a messy affair but thankfully in an enclosed area with only contractors to consider. Roof cleaning is challenging but with our experience of commercial roofs there isn’t much we can’t take care of.

We’re covered to use Spider-lifts with our 1b IPAF/PAL cards.

The works were –

Roof cleaning

Fascia & soffit clean.

The fascia had a lot of peeling paint and we knew it was down to be repainted so we took most of the old paint off – a lot quicker but a helluva tidy up – it went everywhere!!

Dorking roof clean 1 Dorking roof clean 2 Dorking roof clean 3 Dorking roof clean 4

Dorking roof clean 5


rob mcleanRoof clean Dorking Business Park
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